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Two Lots Sold in Bonesteel With Plans for New Residences, More Lots Needed

We first covered the Building Up Bonesteel-Fairfax project at the beginning of March, when the group announced it’s plans to convert old properties and advertise affordable lots for sale in town.

Fast forward five months, and the group is celebrating the sale of their first two lots in the City of Bonesteel.

The project’s first success came on March 26, with the demolition of a dilapidated house on McKinley Street and the momentum has continued to build.

The group is asking for your help in it’s continued success, as they have interested buyers actively looking for property in Bonesteel.

If you have a lot or old home that could be converted, they would like to hear from you. You may contact Sue Vogt, 605-929-6306 / or Kelly Wollman, 605-654-2678 /

You may also submit your property for sale online at by completing the “Property Sale Form” which can be found midway down the home page.

The Building Up Bonesteel-Fairfax group is moving forward with more plans for cleanup within the town. They are making headway on those plans and are excited to pass along more information on this phase of the project soon.

In the meantime, they are eager to add to the properties for sale and continue to help interested buyers connect with interested sellers.

Cleaning up and developing our communities is becoming a reality. The progress of this project has really been impressive.

If you have any information or resources available to help this group continue on their mission, please get in touch with any of the following community members: Sue Vogt, Tim Sanderson, Kelly Wollman, Tyler Uecker, Greg Hausmann, and Kathy Divine.

Remember to check in on the city’s website at or stay up to date on the City and Bonesteel Enterprise Facebook pages.

misThe 100’ lot at 402/404 Garrison was the first to sell for the Building Up Bonesteel/Fairfax housing group. This property was sold with plans for a shouse to be built. A “shouse” is a shop/house that allows boat and/or camper storage with included living quarters.

The second sale came just three days after the first, with the lot at 603 Garrison designated as “sale pending” on July 21. The purchasers have family in Bonesteel and plan to build their own residence on this lot. The structure currently on the lot will soon be torn down.


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