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New Director Needed at Cougar Cubs Daycare

Cougar Cubs Daycare is looking for a new “leader of the pack” to grow along with their Cubs. Celebrating 5 years this summer, the daycare has been a strong and consistent staple in Bonesteel and is relied upon by a number of local families.

“The daycare is essential to keep alive in the Bonesteel community,” says daycare mom and board member Amanda Allyn-Johnson. “It’s utilized by so many working parents that would otherwise have to travel several miles outside the area to find dependent daycare.”

The director position helps plan lessons, schedule children and staff, maintain paperwork and program compliance, along with other responsibilities. The board is hands-on and will be available to train the new director.

“I have served on the board since day one and am now honored to serve as the President,” comments Pam Spann. “Being part of watching the daycare grow these past five years has been similar to watching a child grow. I am proud of our daycare, and like a parent, I look forward to what the future holds, just like I do with my own children.”

“Obviously as a parent of young children, I need daycare but also as a business owner, I see the importance of daycare for current and future employees of all our local businesses. With a daycare in town, parents can choose and retain jobs in our area which creates a positive ripple effect on our whole town and community,” adds Trisha Cahoy.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Cougar Cubs crew, or know of someone who might be a good fit for the job, contact Pam at 605-830-5905 or speak with any Cougar Cubs board member: Trisha Cahoy, Samantha Cerny, Katelyn Sachtjen, Amanda Allen, Callie Pavel, Connie Schmitz, Karen Janousek or Pam Spann.


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