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The Bonesteel Enterprise and Be Creative Relocate

It’s always an exciting time when there is new activity on Main Street. That’s just what is happening this week, as the Bonesteel Enterprise and Be Creative Advertising Services are relocating.

Kelly and Jeremy Wollman have purchased the building that was most recently Unique Home Décor & More, it is located between the Post 36 Legion Memorial and Wild Child Boutique on the west side of Main Street.

Since Kelly purchased the newspaper from Jamie and Andy Divine in 2017, she had continued to rent a portion of the existing Enterprise office from the Divine’s.

Along with the Enterprise, Kelly also runs a design and marketing business called Be Creative. “It’s a fun time, spreading my wings a bit more, and moving into a space of my own,” says Wollman. “The old Enterprise office has served me well, and given my businesses a great place to start.”

Things will stay mostly the same as far as business hours and night drop options go. Wollman has plans to implement a night drop slot at the new location, as it is a valuable feature for both the businesses and customers.

“We’ve already started some renovations on the inside of the building,” Kelly says. “The old carpet is up and the original wooden floors will soon shine again.” The couple has plans to update the front of the building as well. “I am fortunate that Jeremy has a strong construction background that can make our vision a reality.”

Bonesteel is thriving. “If you haven’t noticed lately, numerous local businesses are making big moves in our small community,” Kelly adds. “We are excited to continue to invest in this town that we love.”

Be Creative serves a large number of businesses in the area, helping with branding, social media, website design and more. “Because I work closely with so many of our local business owners, I’m fortunate to be included on many new projects and business ventures,” she comments.

McCarville Coffee Roaster continues to make a name for themselves, and our town, shipping locally roasted Bonesteel Blend all over the country. They have also added K-Cups and new pastry options such as Black Hills Bagels to their menu.

Cahoy’s General Store continually expands and adds new features such as online ordering, local delivery, not to mention the building improvements that make our shopping experience top-notch.

Baldwin Ag started a new business venture last year, Dakota Prime Meats. John Baldwin and crew travel the United States delivering locally grown beef, and also bringing quality seafood options back to our area.

These are just a few highlights of what is happening in our community. “I am happy to be a part of the housing group and Community Club, both of which are making things happen here in Bonesteel/Fairfax,” says Kelly. Jeremy is also heavily involved in our community, serving on the City Council, and as Commander of our local American Legion along with his day job as administrator at South Central School. “We want the best for this place we call home.”

“We’re seeing a lot of momentum in our area, when it comes to housing, business, and recreation. It is incredible, and there is so much more to come.”


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