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Housing Group Nears Completion of First Goal: Lots for Sale

The Building Up Bonesteel/Fairfax housing group is finalizing the first stage of their project and will soon have 3 lots available for sale in Bonesteel. The lots are located on McKinley Street (pictured above) and Garrison Street.

“We are extremely excited to have reached our first goal,” says Kelly Wollman of the BUBF group. “Our team has been working hard on this project and we’re very happy to see the momentum it has built. Things are changing in Bonesteel for the better, and now is the time to create more opportunity for new residents and current residents looking to plant roots in our community.”

The group is coordinating the sale of lots through the Bonesteel Area Communtiy Development Corporation, and with the help of those who have property they are willing to sell. “Taking on the challenge of finding and marketing building lots for potential buyers is a great first step in growing our communities. A big shout out to the Committee for reaching their goal of cataloguing 3 lots,” comments Kathy Divine. Divine is working with the group to offer lots in town and looking to the future. “Two uninhabitable homes have been torn down and another is scheduled as we continue to improve our area.”

With the spurt of building in the Whetstone and Fort Randall area, the time is now to become a part of that growth. If you have a lot or home you would consider selling or want more information, please contact Sue Vogt (605-929-6306 / or Kelly Wollman (605-654-2678 /

Growing our community is a gain for everyone.


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