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Become a Bigger Part of Our Community

If there’s one thing this area is proud of it is our sense of COMMUNITY. Whether it is a neighbor in need, a non-profit getting started or volunteering your time on a local board or fire/ambulance crew, the people of eastern Gregory County come together. We all should be very proud of that.

Let’s come together a bit more often though, and maybe just for the fun of it?

Are you a... • Teacher • Business Owner • 8-5 Employee • Stay at Home Mom • Farmer • Retiree

No matter where you fit on this list, or if you aren’t even categorized on this list, you are a part of our community! The group formerly known as the Bonesteel Commercial Club would like to invite you to become a part of something bigger. This group would be people from all backgrounds.

We all have something to give and we all have ideas of what can make our community stronger and better off. This new COMMUNITY CLUB would meet with the goal in mind to let past differences go. Whether you live in Fairfax, in Bonesteel, in Saint Charles or Herrick or on a farm outside of these towns - we are all a community.

We are actively looking for new members, those who would like to see this area alive with energy and activity. All of our backgrounds create new sets of ideas and ways of thinking, which would make everything we do that much better off. Whether it is a holiday gathering, a festival, a fundraiser...let’s come together.

What is the Community Club? • A place to voice concerns about our towns • A group of people dedicated to keeping our small towns thriving • People who want to have fun • People of all ages

A group of original Commercial Club members will be out recruiting new members for the COMMUNITY CLUB - all are welcome, and highly encouraged to take part. Think of all of the fun we could have, while at the same time making our community stronger, closer and happier.

If you are at all interested in joining, please feel free to speak with: Kelly Wollman, Stefanie Pistulka, Brad Pistulka, Trisha Cahoy, Dan Cahoy or Shelly Jons. We would be happy to discuss what you think this group can become!

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to growing with you!

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