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Renovations Made to Fairfax Hall

Fairfax Mayor, Jeff Pistulka took us on a tour of renovations made to the Fairfax Hall.

Work was completed on the building over the winter. One of the largest updates was closing off the balcony, which allowed for a storage room for tables and chairs. It also created the perfect space to proudly display the new “Fairfax Broncs” graphics made by 4K Design.

The scoreboard and basketball hoop were removed, and a new stage “barn door curtain” was created using carsiding wood. Another much needed improvement was the rest rooms. Both men’s and women’s were redone with new stalls and fresh paint.

The Hall will host a group of cyclists on June 7, and then play host again to Fairfax Alumni on June 8. Pistulka says that they are looking forward to the next phase of renovations, optimistically slated for next winter which will involve expanding and updating the kitchen space.

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