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Bonesteel-Fairfax Hosts EMT Classes

April 11, 2019

The Bonesteel-Fairfax Ambulance Service is currently hosting an EMT class in Bonesteel. Classes began the last week of March and will run into the first week of May. 13 students are taking the class, 10 of who will directly benefit our community’s EMT service.

The students are learning a lot of important information in a short amount of time. “We have been very fortunate with so many wanting to step up and help our Ambulance Service out, being we are strictly volunteers,” comments
long time EMT Laurie Pistulka. “EMT classes can be expensive so by holding our own class, students only have to pay for their books,” she adds. Most services charge up to $500 per student for this course.


The classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday night as well as every other Saturday. Many local knowledgeable EMT’s are helping out to teach and work on skills with the group, and do so by graciously volunteering their time.


Many businesses and local individuals have purchased and made homemade meals for the group to help out as
well. “We are very appreciative of the help of our two great communities in providing meals for us,” comments Pistulka, “We start class at 6:00 p.m. so most of us go from work to class. We are so grateful for everyone who has helped us out.”














Arlene Andrews, Tara Heuer, Natalee Graesser and Corby Sachtjengo through some hands-on training.


















Samantha Cerny, Cade Bailey, Lexie Fernau and Sonya Fernau
learn from instructor Kim Bruns.





















The group of 13 students has been busy learning a variety of content
every Tuesday and Thursday, as well as every other Saturday.


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