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Valentine King & Queen Crowned at Haisch Haus Assisted Living

The residents at Haisch Haus Assisted Living in Bonesteel enjoyed Valentine’s Day with the crowning of this year’s King and Queen. Ballots were passed out in the morning hours asking each resident to cast their vote for one lady and one man.

This year’s winners were Gerald Pepper for King and Elsie Kortmeyer for Queen. Gerald moved into the Haisch Haus in February of 2017 and thus has celebrated his 3rd Valentine’s Day with us. Elsie moved in April of 2015 and has had 4 Valentine’s Days at the facility. Elsie also holds the honor of being our eldest resident. In 3 short years she will be celebrating a century on this earth.

At 2:00 in the afternoon the residents assembled in the dining room for the crowning of the King and Queen. Pictures were taken and then many good treats were enjoyed.

They had Valentine popcorn mix, Puppy Chow mix, angel food cake dessert, ice cream punch and heart shaped sugar cookies that Joann Bentz so graciously made and brought in. Joann also helped to serve the goodies with the staff on duty. Now we wait for St Patrick’s Day.

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