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Powder River Puts on 72nd Annual Show

Powder River presented “Pedro Lopez” on Saturday, November 10, 2018. Cast members,back row: Dillon Janousek (Twin), Luke Koenig (Bartender), Jacob Bentz (Mo), Brad Pistulka(Stan), John Peck (Pedro Lopez), Tyler Uecker (DA), Josh Janousek (Mama), front row:Keith Hovorka (Mexican Girl), Adam Ludemann (Tex), Barron Andrews (Bravado), and JasonHausmann (Mexican Girl).

Bravado was accused of multiple murders in the area, and ended up on trial with his lawyer,Pedro Lopez, in a courtroom that just so happens to double as the local Saloon with a judgethat just so happens to double as the bartender. As the plot unfolds, Bravdo is found notguilty and a secret is revealed that Bravado just so happens to have a twin brother... andthat twin just so happens to end the show with gunshots.

This year’s show marks the 72nd annual Powder River put on by Roy Garringer Post 36,with Gene Schmitz as director (pictured bottom, far right). Mike Henrikson, voice of manySouth Dakota high school activities and radio was MC for the evening. Makeup was doneby Debbie Hovorka and the set was built again by Greg Hausmann.

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