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Burke Riding Club Summer Play Nights

Pictured: Back Row: Jayder Schonebaum, Ashlyn Vosika, Athena Willuweit, Dale Smikle, Hayden Haiar, Hailey Haiar, and Hallie Person, Middle Row: Emily Diekmann, Jazlee Schonebaum, Lauryn Diekmann, Sadie Andrews, Brysen Bailey, Hadley Peppel, McKinley Peppel, Tucker Smikle, and Brooklyn Bailey, Front Row: Apollo Willuweit

The Burke Riding Club finished up their summer play night series on Tuesday, August 21. We had a great turnout throughout the summer with over 30 kids participating. We awarded All Around and Reserve All Around for each division, and had fun awards for all kids that participated in 4 or more play nights.

Thanks to some local sponsors we were able to give prizes to the following kids:

Buckaroo All Around: Jazlee Schonebaum, Herrick

Reserve Buckaroo: Brooklyn Bailey, Bonesteel

Beginner All Around: Hayden Haiar, Bonesteel

Reserve Beginner: Hallie Person, Burke

Junior All Around: Hailey Haiar, Bonesteel

Reserve Junior: Ashlyn Vosika, Gregory

Brysen Bailey Bonesteel, Apollo Willuweit, Winner, Savannah Lyon, Burke, Sadie Andrews, Bonesteel, Liam Sutton, Burke, and Tucker Smikle, Herrick, were the Buckaroos, and Jayder Schonebaum, Herrick, and Athena Willuweit, Winner, were the Beginners that were awarded $10 gift certificates for attending 4 or more.

The Club would like to thank everyone that came to participate, help out, watch, and encourage the kids through the summer. We enjoyed getting to watch all the kids improve each week and have new kids join in. We plan on hosting them again next summer and hope to see you all there again.

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