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Bonesteel Enterprise Now Offering Online Subscriptions

The Bonesteel Enterprise recently added the option of online subscriptions. Online service was added for ease of access, and paper subscriptions will remain available.

To view online subscriptions, readers will visit where they can view the current week’s newspaper as well as the two weeks prior. Online subscribers will be notified when the paper is ready to view each week.

Current subscribers who wish to switch to an online subscription can do so at any time. If you would like to continue to receive your paper copy as well, there is a combination subscription available. Combination subscribers will receive both online and paper versions each week for a total of $45 per year. Annual single subscriptions (online OR paper) are $35 per year.

August is a busy month for subscription renewals. If you would like to make a change from paper to online when you renew, it is a great time to do so. If you prefer to switch to a combination subscription, please send your check for $45 rather than $35 and you will receive an email with information regarding your online subscription.

The addition of online subscriptions is in an effort to progress and allow our readers to access their Bonesteel news from anywhere. The online version can be viewed on your computer, tablet or Smart Phone. More services may soon be added to the website as well.

If you have any questions regarding this new service, please contact Kelly Wollman. Thank you to all of our loyal subscribers who keep this small town newspaper going.

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